Are the Neighbors Taking Offense at the State of Your Fence?

It's time to arrange for metal or wood fence installation services in the Desert Hot Springs, CA area

When homeowners are paying hundreds of dollars in HOA dues, they expect their neighborhood to look its best. Driving by rusty, rickey fences day after day could make them wonder if their money is really being put to good use. Fabstruction USA can help keep the neighbors happy by providing metal or wood fence installation services.

We work with HOAs in Desert Hot Springs, CA and surrounding areas within 30 miles. Reach out now to discuss your needs with our owner.

We can do whatever is needed to beautify your subdivision

Maybe the siding on your clubhouse is showing its age and needs a fresh coat of paint. Or perhaps the fence around the neighborhood is falling apart and needs to be replaced. We can do most of the odd jobs that it takes to improve your curb appeal.

Our handyman and fence services include:

We have over six years of experience doing these and other projects. You can trust us to enhance the appearance of your neighborhood.